Advertising and Game Violence: Arousal, Memory, and Presence

April 22, 2010

With the ubiquity of violent shooting games on the market, the effects of in-game advertising in such games has attracted much recent attention from researchers. Most studies have focused mainly on feelings of aggression after the player has completed the game.

There are relatively few studies about the in-game effects of ads. We have been investigating the effects of arousal and sense of presence on users’ memory for and attitudes toward brand logos that appear in violent games. We can manipulate arousal and presence by modifying specific game design features, such as the appearance of blood and sounds of pain). Results indicate that a strong sense of spatial presence (i.e., the feeling of being in the game space) can predict memory for brands. We also find that arousal has implications for attitude toward brands.

Selected Publications:
Jeong, et al. (2008) Presence, arousal, and memory in 3D games: Effects of blood color,sound, and perspective on gamers’ arousal, presence, and memory.


  • Eui Jun Jeong
  • Dr. Frank Biocca
  • Dr. Corey Bohil


  • AT&T Endowment

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