Health Communication Simulations & Games

April 22, 2010
The M.I.N.D. Lab is creating a video game to teach inner-city youth about healthy behavior during social and sexual interactions. This group is difficult to reach using traditional modes of communication, so informing them about healthy behaviors like birth control and sexually transmitted disease is a challenge.
Our game provides an engaging and safe way for players to explore different approaches to coupling and sexual behavior, living out a variety of realistic outcomes while learning some important lessons about safe sex along the way. The current version of the game is targeted to male players. The central character is an up and coming DJ trying to make a name for himself. As the player attempts to build his local reputation, he has many opportunities for physical relationships.
Players can customize their look and hit the bar, the party scene, or maybe even the STD clinic! The
game consists of 3D characters in realistic social settings.

  • Dr. Frank Biocca
  • Dr. Charles Owen
  • Dr. Corey Bohil
  • Ming Tang
  • Eric Maslowski
  • Amanda Flowers
  • Brock Elsesser
  • Larry Tuch
  • Neil Owen
  • Matthew Mason
  • Scott Warren
  • Jacob Elert
  • the Centers from Disease Control.

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