PASION Technology for Mobile Social Networking

April 22, 2010

The PASION project studies the influence of social awareness technologies on knowledge work performance and multiplayer games in mobile use contexts.

Social and particularly group interactions involve more and more mediated communication. Yet we know very little about the factors determining the effectiveness of the interaction. The mechanisms involved in traditional communication are well known. By contrast, very little is known about the forms of mediated communication.  For instance, we do not know the role of implicit and nonverbal communication when the communication takes place in a mediated environment. PASION´s working hypothesis is that in mediated environments these messages will take completely new forms. Furthermore, these message types are due to group interactions in technology-mediated environments.

In the four years of the project, PASION will investigate the basic scientific and technological issues which need to be resolved to achieve this goal. Basic research will investigate the socio-psychological foundations of mediated interaction. A special effort will be dedicated to the investigation of the complicated ethical issues raised by this work, and to plans for business development.

Selected Publications:
Ravaja et al, (2004). Emotional response patterns and sense of presence during video
games: Potential criterion variables for game design.
Biocca, et al. (2003). Towards a more robust theory and measure of social presence: Review
and suggested criteria.



  • MSU
  • Valencia
  • Jaume
  • Eindhoven
  • Helsinki


  • European Commission

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