Video Deception Detection For National Security

April 23, 2010

The M.I.N.D. Lab is part of a large multi-institution team working to gain a comprehensive, theoretically motivated understanding of deception. An overarching model of deception such as the one envisioned by the research team has the potential to revolutionize technological approaches to detecting deception in real time. Clearly, improvements in this area would be of immediate benefit to national security officials (e.g., airport security), the business community (e.g., job applicant deception), and personal relationships (e.g., spousal infidelity).

A comprehensive and accurate understanding of deception must consider the interdependencies among communicators that prompt continuous adaptations as interactions unfold, and the intricate interplay among verbal and nonverbal features that constitute this adaptation process.

It is now possible to significantly augment manual coding with automated analyses. This has the potential to reveal heretofore unrecognized patterns. We will leverage these advances to enable testing for those turning points in evolving interpersonal interactions that are critical in deceptive signaling.


  • MSU M.I.N.D. Lab
  • Arizona M.I.N.D. Lab

National Science Foundation  


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