Creative Media For Healing Teenage Orphans of Rwandan Genocide

April 26, 2010

This pro-bono project is a collaboration between MSU  faculty members and Rwandan mental health professionals; a US-based NGO, Linking Schools; the Kigali Genocide Museum; and Association Mwana Ukundwa (AMU), a Rwandan organization that works with children orphaned by genocide and the resulting HIV-AIDS.  Based on a writing workshop model, the project uses narrative writing and visual media for healing among high-school-aged orphan survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Research and design will document the process of using writing to promote healing among genocide survivors, including assisting high school aged writers and artists to use their stories of survival to produce curriculum materials and literature for children around the world. The team will support the orphans and give voice to their stories and the materials by transforming the writing and visual art into interactive multimedia for world wide dissemination, use in education systems throughout the world, for public information, and in art exhibits. The project will also include original material created in collaboration such as Dr. Apol’s poems about her experiences of post-genocide Rwanda entitled, Land of Milk and Horror and a multimedia documentary and web presence.


  • HALE Association Mwana Ukundwa (AMU), a Rwandan organization that works with children orphaned by genocide and the resulting HIV-AIDS
  • Kigali Genocide Museum


  • Dr. Laura Apol, Ph.D., MSU College of Education, Dept. of Teacher Education and poet
  • Ken Bialek, founding director of LinkingSchools, a US-based NGO
  • Dr. Tatiana Sigal, M.D., psychiatrist in private practice
  • Dr. Yakov Sigal, M.D., MSU College of Human Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics and Human Development
  • Glorieuse Uwizeye, mental health professional, Kigali Rwanda; incoming MSU doctoral student.
  • Dr. Frank Biocca, Director, M.I.N.D. Labs.


Michigan State University Foundation


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